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Chlorine Generation

Salt/mineral chlorination creates a soft, silky feeling in the water without using harsh chemicals. It’s safer, healthier, easier to use and more economical. That’s why it’s the most popular method of pool sanitation in the world.

How It Works

Salt/minerals are added to the pool to achieve a level of 3,500ppm to 7,000ppm for salt or 3,500ppm to 4,000ppm for minerals. When this water passes through the chlorinator cell, electrolysis occurs, turning the salt/minerals into a chlorine gas which dissolves to become liquid chlorine.

The Micro-computer

Intelligent yet simple. Using the latest digital technology, the micro-computer allows you to touch-in your commands and let auto-pilot guide your pool through summer. The LCD back-lit display makes using the menu a breeze. Once you’ve entered your settings, the micro-computer will do the rest, managing the chlorine output in a range of climatic conditions.

Long Life Cell

The Lincoln chlorinator range has an extra-large cell and a lower current density. This means less load per cm2 of cell plate, reulting in the cell lasting up to 25% longer.


  • Easy to use menu
  • High salt/mineral indicator
  • Smart micro-computer controller system
  • Precision adjustment of chlorine output to 1%
  • Back-lit digital LCD display
  • Auto-pilot mode so you can sit back and relax
  • Intuitive navigation buttons
  • Automatic power reduction when salt or mineral level is too high
  • Automatic self cleaning on all models
  • Run dry pump protection
  • Water temperature reading
  • Salt/mineral level test function
  • Super chlorinate mode for high use periods
  • Backwash function for sand filters
  • Spa mode setting: automatically resets chlorine output to 10%
  • Super capacitor backup on timer (no batteries to replace)
  • Cell can be installed in either vertical or horizontal position
Model Chlorine production grams per hour Maximum size (hot climates)
LSC-15 15 30,000
LSC-20 20 40,000
LSC-25 25 50,000
LSC-30 30 60,000
LSC-35 35 70,000
LSC-50 50 100,000
LSC-75 75 150,000
LSC-100 100 200,000


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